Monday, 12 May 2014

Open Up Sheffield

Wow, nearly 300 visitors came to my Open Studio, some from as far afield as Nuneaton, 'a mission of love' Pam told me and I can't tell you how humble that makes me feel.
Everyone was very generous with their lovely comments.  It is very rewarding to have so much positive feedback.
Lots of paintings have now gone to their new homes and I sold out of lino prints of Staithes and many of of my card designs!

Here are a few photos of how the studio and gallery looked over the 2 weekends.
Card Corner

Sketch Books and Paintings

Contrasting Subjects, Staithes and Old Sheffield

Back Wall

Over View
Josh Made a Great Meeter and Greeter

Me Talking About How I work

Now I need to collect myself together and start organising delivery of new work to galleries as well as working on all the new ideas that are buzzing around inside my head.
A big thank you to everyone who came and all the organisers of Open Up Sheffield. Same time, same place next year :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Open Up Sheffield May 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 May 2014 11 am - 5.00 pm You are all welcome!

Yes, it is that time of the year again when artists across Sheffield will be opening their studios to all the lovely people who take time to visit, and even buy original pieces, prints and cards. I am really grateful to all. I love to meet you, hear your comments and discuss art, weather, garden or whatever takes your fancy. There will be tea, coffee, juice  and no doubt cake.
Here is a small selection of what will be on show.
Barnsley Works, Kelham Island, Sheffield

Beached Boat, Runswick Bay

Blue Coble

Roxby Beck, Staithes

Lino Reduction, Staihes

Sunny Day, Staithes

Reflections, Staithes

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Life is Good

A good start to the new year, two new galleries, good sales and commissions coming in almost weekly. All good stuff but doesn't leave me much time to work on my blog!
Texture still a prominent feature in my latest work but, as always, I like to surprise every now and then with something completely different. One of my favourite paintings so far is Blue Staithes a  big canvas 120 x 90 cm. I really enjoy working on a  big scale and I was able to great a great feeling  of space with this one.
Available from

Blue Staithes

Another one that was a joy to create was a this almost monochrome painting of Staithes, a little 40 x 60 cm. It just 'painted itself'. I love it when that happens, when everything just comes together.

Over the Bridge
It also happens to be one of my favourite spots in Staithes. There is a seat that catches any available sun and it is possible to sit quietly, reading, painting, sketching or just watching the cobles bobbing up and down in the Beck.

My Heart Misses a Beat

My Heart Misses a Beat (above) so titled because that is exactly what my heart does as I approach Staithes and this view comes into site. I haven't been to Staithes as much as I would like recently as we are having lots of work done on the house and in between painting I am Project Managing all the work! Hopefully everything will be completed by the end of next month and then it will be Staithes, followed by a week by the sea in Suffolk.

Staithes, linocut

I have been continuing my printing sessions and this year felt confident enough for some bigger, bolder lino reduction prints. I am every pleased with the way Staithes and Steers Dreaming turned out and will be showing them at Open Studios in May.

Steers Dreaming Lino cut

I have been concentrating on Staithes as a subject but have wandered as far as Runswick and Robin Hood's Bay after a recent trip staying at Raven Hall, which I can heartily recommend. Here are the results of that trip.

Beached Boat, Runswick Bay

View to Robin Hood's Bay from Raven Hall

Roof Tops, Robin Hoods Bay

And, on my easel now, trying something a bit different, very much a work in progress and may very well be starting again on a differently shaped canvas!