Monday, 15 October 2012

Finished Today!

I think I have finished the two paintings I have been working on over the last few weeks. I will 'live' with them for a week or two and see if I still feel they are finished after that

Standing Stones, Machrie Moor, Isle of Arran

It is a good idea to 'live' with your work for awhile as things begin to stand out that you haven't noticed whilst at the easel, sometimes these are good things but more often things which need a little tweaking. My motto is never be satisfied, always strive to be that bit better than the last time, and your next painting should always be the best yet!

Grindstones, Stanage Edge

The above painting is one I have done to be auctioned for a cancer charity. The auction will be in I will worry about no one bidding!
Is is difficult to get a good photo of the Stanage edge one as the hills are made up of layers of subtle glazes which don't show up well in a photo.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Work in Progress

Grindstones, Stanage
I am working on two pieces at the moment the one above is Grindstones on Stanage. I was asked to donate a painting to be auctioned to raise money for the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity. As I have friends who have been effected by this dreadful disease I am only too happy and honoured to be given the chance to help in this small way.

Standing Stones, Machrie, Arran
The above painting is one that I began after my holiday to Arran and is still a work in progress as I have been very busy putting up an exhibition with some other artists at the Workstation, Sheffield.
Workstation, Sheffield

The exhibition will be on for the whole of this month and I have eight works on show but  it is a mixed exhibition which includes, photographs, sculpture, glass, ceramics and paintings. The private View was very well attended and we have had lots of positive feedback.