Wednesday, 23 January 2013

And, January Brings the Snow!

House and Garden
Sledge Run

 We have snow! I have been sledging but still found time to paint and have loved being in the studio working away in the warmth whilst watching the snow fall and transforming the garden into Narnia!

Josh Sporting His Jacket
Coble Loves The Snow!

Continuing my theme of painting from some slides I have scanned I found this wonderful one of Ocean reward a coble that was based in Filey during 1980's, wonder if it is still there.

Ocean Reward

My Finished Version
I was really taken with the power of the figure stepping into the coble and almost abstract shapes of all the fishing equipment. The following show my progression. It has taken about a week to complete. My painting is obviously a lot lighter than the photo as I wanted to show more of the inside of the coble and I added a few floats for interest.
Blocking In

Adding More detail
Beginning To Add Coloue
Working Around The Canvas

Detail and Form

Loving The Shapes
Almost There

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