Monday, 22 April 2013

Exhibitions and Work in Progress

 Some photos of how my work is looking in the new exhibition 'In The Harbour' at The Harrison Lord Gallery, 5 Bradford Road, Brighouse, West Yorkshire

Sue at the In The Harbour Exhibition
The lighting in the gallery is superb and really shows the work off to its best advantage.

The exhibition is on until May 11th and is going really well so now I am preparing for Open Up Studios. I have one last week for painting and one week to tidy my studio, gallery, house and garden...but I am not panicking ...yet!

I have a great variety of paintings for the Open weekends ....first two weekends in May....see exhibition pages for more details.

The paintings cover all my favourite locations and , of course, a few Swaledale sheep.
Below is a little sneak preview. 

View to Whitby from Sandsend

North Pennine Farm

Swaledale Wall

The farm and Swaledales are my homage to the poor hill farmers and their livestock as they have really suffered during the long, hard winter. Let's hope Spring is well and truly established and we get a really good summer.

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