Sunday, 23 June 2013

Stunning Staithes A Painting in Progress

I have been working on a second big painting 4' x 3', this time of Staithes, my favourite painting location. As in Dramatic Whitby I applied texture paste over the whole canvas before priming with white gesso. After a 2 -3 washes of diluted oil colour I began to draw in the houses clinging to the sides of the two nabs that make up the village of Staithes. Next week I will be delivering this painting and some other new work to Staithes Gallery, very exciting.

I love this initial drawing seeing the scene appear as if out of the mist
The drawing was very complex but I enjoy working it all out.

The drawing complete now the fun can begin,
I use more washes and glazing to create Cowbar Nab and the sky

Using a palette knife I add colour to the sky and houses

Almost finished, just need to soften the horizon line and one or two details.

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