Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Where Did the Summer Go

I knew that it would be difficult to keep my blog going over the summer as my son and daughter in law were visiting from Russia and lots of work being done on the house. Much of the  painting I did consisted of rolling emulsion on walls!
At least we had a summer this year...that is until we had our holiday on The Llyn Peninsula, fortunately I like painting atmospheric scenes. Here are a few sketches I completed during my few days away. I am not saying it rained all the time but I think the sketches speak for themselves!

I will be working on some paintings of the area throughout the autumn and winter.

My big painting of Stunning Staithes that I showed the developmental stages of before the summer sold shortly after I delivered it to Staithes Gallery. 
Stunning Staithes

Many years ago when I was a student in Hull I did a series of paintings around the Land of Green Ginger (no idea where they are now).  I was wandering around the old industrial area of Sheffield and was struck by the similarities of the two places which inspired me to produce this painting of this old building in Kelham Island, Sheffield.
Wharncliffe Works

And, now we are moving into autumn, the house renovation is nearly complete and my studio is raring to go after a big clear out...though there was a moment of extreme panic when I thought I had thrown out my 'most important note book', after much racing around like a headless chicken and emptying the recycling bins I remembered that I had put it in a 'safe place' before the holiday!!
so, what next....well I have many plans, an exhibition next year with other artists from 'The North' a gallery in Scarborough requesting some of my work and an exhibition next year, as well as Open Studios and supplying work to four other galleries...plenty to keep me busy over autumn and winter.

On my easel now?

Staithes, of course
WIP Staithes

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