Saturday, 10 November 2012

Continuing The Swaledale Theme

New Swaledale Painting stage 1
As all my followers know I love painting and drawing Swaledale sheep. They are the sheep of the North Yorkshire Moors and the ones I am most familiar with since childhood picnics on the moors with my family.
Stage 2, added another ewe
 I just love the way they stare at passers by and they don't appear timid at all....tough tykes!
Stage 3 Adding background and detail
I am keeping my palette very muted and the shapes strong but simple
Stage 4 More detail and colour
Some of the background blocking in I am allowing to show through. I have painted these sheep before and the photo was supplied by a great photographer on RedBubble, Rickster, Rick Bransby. He supplied me with two photos to use for painting.
Tough Up North
Tough Up North was the first painting I chose from the photos. I was really attracted to paint Rick's photo because of the sheep that is cut in half. It gives such an edgy feel (sorry) to the composition and I refer to it as my marmite painting as viewers either love or hate it. It sold very quickly and i could have sold it over and over so more lovers than haters!

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