Saturday, 24 November 2012

Swaledale Winter

I have now finished my big painting, 80 x 80 cm, of my favourite breed of sheep, the hardy Swaledale. This picture shows them during a harsh North Yorkshire winter to which they are so well adapted. They look so stoic as they stand against the cold North East wind and are always curious to see a visitor or two. 

Swaledale Winter

I liked the little group on the hill so much I decided they deserved to feature in their very own painting and so this little painting 50 x 40 cm was born.

Swaledale Hill

The feel of the painting is quite different, much warmer so maybe I am already looking forward to spring! This will be my last painting of sheep for 2012 but I am really looking forward to visiting The North Yorkshire Moors in 2013 for more inspiration.


  1. Great works, thanks for sharing. Would be our pleasure to see You and some of your works at our art community. Regards.

    1. Thank you, Viktor, will check it out. Best wishes, Sue