Saturday, 10 November 2012

Etching and Drawing

I enrolled for a printing course which began in September and I am so enjoying the opportunity to return to etching, something I haven't been able to do since art college days.
etching plate

the print
Getting a good print is much more difficult than I remember as there are so many variables! I am very pleased with this print and just hope I can get another 25, equally good. I am also etching a ewe to compliment the ram and both will be available as signed, mounted limited editions.

Drawing of Swaledale Ram

Drawing of Swaledale Ewe

I have been drawing a lot more and have two sketch books that are lovely to draw in. One is square and small so very handy to carry around and the other is rectangular, both open completely flat so it is possible to do a double page spread. 
The above drawing are both in the larger book and are done with a graphite pencil and using my electric eraser to do the highlights.

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